Healthy Eating On The Go

March 3, 2010

I was visiting family and attending a conference last week, and had the opportunity to remind myself of how hard it can be to find healthy choices while traveling. I faced my own daily challenges, not the least of which was navigating the available options at the airport!

I’ve spoken to many people who say they want to be healthy but can’t find the time or don’t want to cook, and don’t know where to look in their area to find healthier restaurant choices. And there are also many who feel they have great options at home, but spend a lot of time on the road which makes maintaining a healthy diet seem impossible. If you can relate to any of this, today I offer you two great resources that should help you out.

The first is a wonderful website called the Eat Well Guide. SO simple to use, and I hope there is an app for it someday that can be accessed easily on our phones. But in the meantime you can still use your browser to pull up the website. All you have to do is input a zip code and you will get a list of options for healthy restaurants, stores, farmer’s markets, and more in that area. This site came in very handy on my trip, and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Dandelion Cafe in Orlando, FL…a place I surely would not have simply stumbled upon on my own! Visit to check it out!

My second resource for you is an incredible guide co-authored by one of the graduates of my school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Jared Koch teams up with food critic Alex Van Buren to give you their list of the “healthiest, tastiest restaurants in Manhattan”. I swear I can not live without this book, and carry it with me pretty much wherever I go. (If you are reading, Jared…my only wish is for a Brooklyn companion guide!).

I know not all of you are in the NYC area, but if you are you MUST buy this book. It will probably surprise you to find that you are not as limited in your options as you think! There are reference pages to help you find something in any neighborhood or price range. Even though I often bring meals and snacks with me from home, when that’s not an option I never worry anymore about finding a healthy place to eat. And the best part is that this guide always guarantees me a new experience at a new restaurant, a definite bonus for the food explorer I’ve certainly become in recent years.

Read more about the book and order your copy at

What other ways have you found to stay healthy on the go? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy, Healthy Traveling!


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