Artist, Can You Love Thyself?

December 3, 2009

I am thrilled to introduce you all to my first guest writer, Emmanuelle Chaulet, who will begin contributing to my blog on a monthly basis with topics that are sure invigorate the spirit of all of my readers, and in particular those in the performing arts industry.

Emmanuelle Chaulet is an acting coach, theatre director, certified Energy Awareness counselor RPIII and adjunct faculty at the University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre. She is the author of: A BALANCING ACT THE DEVELOPMENT OF ENERGIZE A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO ACTING which teaches actors to recover their highest creative self, the essence of their character and true emotional balance. She can be reached at and on her blog at


Artist, Can You Love Thyself?

Self-Love is one of the hardest challenges for artists. Most artists doubt their utmost selves and require constant approval from others. It is because artists fight rejection on a regular basis: editors who refuse to publish your writing, galleries who don’t think your work fits with their style, casting directors who find you too tall or too blond, and music directors who do not like your voice or your dancing…

Keeping a steady self-esteem is extremely difficult in this tempest of contradicting opinions about your own self. Yet, it is the most important aspect of your development as an artist and a person. Without self-love one cannot shine. Our own charisma –and health– are fed by our inner light and self-love.

One must differentiate self-love from egocentricity. The voice of the Ego says it wants to be better than others and take center-stage by eclipsing the rest of the cast. Too often artists who lack self-love will develop a great Ego to compensate their feelings of self-doubt.

Self-Love is about bringing your own higher presence in the light. It is connecting with your “I AM” presence, your Higher Self. It means connecting with the vibration of the highest core of your soul being. You are beautiful and you are light. You are made of the same sparkle as diamonds and flowers, rivers, and mountains. Loving yourself is about saying: “I am part of this world and therefore I am created to be a vessel of love, compassion and grace. I am a sparkle of precious energy that can and will transform the world. I am beautiful and my beauty is coming from my inner light. I am precious and I have a mission to accomplish.”

Self-Love means taking the time to go inward and connect with the sense of uniqueness of our core. We are part of a greater whole and yet are profoundly unique.

Our uniqueness is our beauty. In order to find this beauty when deeply entrenched with self-deprecation thoughts, you must start with small baby-steps. Simple things like taking a walk and appreciating to be alive, taking a hot bath and enjoying taking care of your body, finding moments to go on a date with your own self and do something you love, or embracing solitude. One of my friend once said: “I love my own company!” Finding the sense of loving being with your own thoughts is a first step to Self-Love.

And of course, Self-Love stems from appreciating and caring for your earthly vehicle, your body; feeding your body with good nutritious foods, sleeping and resting enough, caring for your self by using products that smell and feel good and are good for your skin and hair, and of course exercising to keep in shape by doing something you love: walking, running, bicycling, swimming, playing soccer or dancing Zumba.

Think about Self-Love as you would care for a child, a pet or a precious instrument. If you had a Stradivarius would you let it go out of tune? Would you leave your dog without food and fresh drink? Would you regularly deprive your child of sleep?

Like the Little Prince, you are responsible for your own rose: your inner self. And like him, you must protect it from cold, wind, and predators. So take care!


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